Have you seen one of those people who could go either way, you’re not sure if they’re a boy or girl?  I’m not one of those people, you see, I’ve been  blessed with a pretty decent sized rack when considering my body size.

Anyway, my mom calls me and she says,  “you know that picture of you from your event when you were sitting on that thing with your arms on your knees? ”

“The one where I’m sitting on the floor”, I respond, “what about it? ”

“Well,  I was just thinking that if I didn’t know you i’d have thought that you were a really cute little boy. ”

“Well”, I said, “at least you thought I was cute! ”

So you know those people who look like they could go either way,they could be a boy or a girl? Apparently, I’m one of them…..which I guess makes me Not Your Average…..?