We’ve all had that experience,  the one inwhich you’re shopping in one place or another and you look up and see someone that you definitely don’t want to talk to.

Best case scenario,you’re able to dart down and isle before they see you. But sometimes that’s not an option, and you’re forced to continue on your current trajectory and pray that they don’t see or recognize you….that’s where I found myself today;stuck  in option 2.

I got passed the lady,turning my face away slightly as I was doing so, and thought I had escaped, until I heard, “hey! ”

I groaned inwardly, for that wasn’t the ‘hello and keep trucking’ “hey”….no, it was the ‘ I’m gonna talk your head off though we really don’t know each other, but I recognize your face’ “hey”.

So she talks and talks and talks, while I nod appropriately,all the while shooting glances at the store associate who was stocking shelves willing her to rescue me in some way.

After a literal 5 minutes  (not what seemed like 5 minutes…but an actual 5 MINUTES) of this lady talking to me about my job (I totally should’ve clocked in on my phone and gotten paid for that torture ), she finally released me. I tried very hard not to turn and run before she sucked me back in.

Having made my escape, I then decided that all large retailers should provide an escape service….some signal to employees that you are being held against your will and need rescuing. I’m certain that such a service would increase business, but more importantly, save their shoppers from the mental anguish of talking to almost strangers!

Saving the world, one shopping trip at a time…..just one more reason why I’m Not Your Average