THERE IS SOMETHING LIVING IN MY SHED! I haven’t seen it, but I know it’s there.  I hear it every time I go in to get feed. It sounds like it’s pretty big.  I’m kinda shocked that I haven’t seen it yet.  I keep waiting for it to flee or attack,but every time, it just stays toward the back, moving around in the shadows…..until today!  I’ve finally discovered its identity! There is in fact NOTHING living in my shed  (or at least not the large something that I’ve been hearing….I’ve seen a few mice, but….eh). There IS however a large tree growing beside my shed that also lays atop said shed that rubs the top and sides of the tin making it sound like something is moving around inside.

Clearly a little afraid of what lurks in the shadows….even if it’s a tree! Just another reason why I’m Not Your Average.