During my days in suburbia I was daredevil tomboy. Most days you could find me hanging with the guys on our bikes (bicycles, we weren’t am adolescent motorcycle gang….though that would’ve been cool) racing or jumping hills. But on this particular day, I was doing none of those crazy things; on this particular day, I was being a normal little girl (ha,imagine that).

So I was out cruising up and down the street on my bike in front of my house, not doing anything special or fancy, just riding…..cruising. Suddenly gravity and physics and the universe (channeling my inner scientist) decided to play an evil trick on poor unsuspecting young me and untie my shoe. The laces fell,and as I pedaled, they wrapped themselves around the crank shaft  (now I’m a mechanic, ha….the pedal arm). When the laces were fully wrapped, the bike jerked my foot from the pedal,thusly throwing me from the bike…..except my shoe and therefore my foot were still attached.

Most bikes would’ve toppled over immediately,but seeing as how I’m Not Your Average,my bike wouldn’t be average either. Now I’m not saying it pulled me down the road or anything, but the bike did drag me a little before it fell.

Seeing the incident, my big brother ran from the house to rescue me. By that time blood was running down from my battered knee, soaking my exposed sock while I sat in the street.

Noting that I was mostly okay he ran back in the house, grabbed the phone and called our father:

Brother: Dad,  Kiki is bleeding!

Dad: What?

Brother: Kiki is bleeding?

Dad: Okay….that’s great, I’ll be home in a bit. Bye.

Confused and not sure what to do, my brother helped me up, and limping,barefoot, and bleeding,  I drug my bike up to the house.

Once inside, my then 15 year old brother administered first aid…..and by that I mean poured half a bottle of peroxide on my leg.  At just about that moment, tears streaming down my face, doing my best lamas breathing, my dad walks in:

Dad: What happened?

Brother : Wrecked her bike!

Dad: why didn’t you tell me that when you called! ?

Brother : I said she was bleeding!

Dad: I thought you said she was reading….and I thought that was nothing new, she does that all the time.

I promise my listening and comprehension skills are better than what has been illustrated here, which in this family makes me, Not Your Average!