It wouldn’t be fair to tell you about Big Baby Billie without telling you about Handsome Hank.

Hank is/was our first fur baby (yes, I’m one of those) that Josh and I acquired together as a couple. He is a Shar pei, which is why he is Handsome Hank;  people say he is so ugly that he’s cute.

Hank is mostly a good boy, except he is a major stalker. Like a ‘if they wouldn’t think I was crazy I’d get a restraining order’stalker…..seriously!

It’s not that he sits outside of the bathroom when I go, or occasionally even comes in. It’s not even that he sleeps outside my bedroom door.  This guy……..handsome creature,  won’t let me be inside my own house without him.

If I go in without him, he starts by scratching on the back door. When I don’t let him in, he alternates between scratching on the door and jumping up on the window to see what I’m doing.  When I go to the bathroom or bedroom, he runs around the house to look in the front window.

Josh thought he could break him by blocking the stairs to both porches. Would you know, this stalker scaled the lattice on the side of the porch, climbed under the railing,ripped his toe nail out, and still SCRATCHED ON THE DOOR. At this point,I wouldn’t be surprised if he picked the lock.

Having a stalker AND  a klepto dog is just another reason why I’m Not Your Average.