It started off quiet heartbreakingly: I went out to help Josh with the groceries when  I noticed Billie pouncing around after something.

I go over to see what she was toying with,  and I found two tiny baby birds hopping around screaming for their lives.

Immediately, I seized her by her collar, removed her from her prey and scolded her.  Then, returning to the birds and not seeing a nest around, I coaxed them into the tall grass to hide…..I didn’t know what else to do.

At this point,  Josh came to the rescue!! He scooped up the fragile little creatures, strode across the yard, and put them into a bird house. Now, it seems relevant to note that there are 3 bird houses in our backyard. So after he put the rescued birds in, a full grown bird bolted out!  That’s when Josh turns and says, ” I don’t know if that was the right house. If it wasn’t, I’m pretty sure that bird isn’t coming back.”

Forcing adoption on birds, just another in the life of Not Your Average.