Billie is my sweet baby girl, and one of the biggest lap dogs you’ll ever meet. She protects our home and our chickens and is a great mother to her goat (Jimmy is her goat,not mine). She’s the welcome wagon when people come to visit, and is great at pest control. Billie has so many great attributes, but one major flaw…….Billie is a kleptomaniac (she’s a thief)!

She has stolen sheets from someone’s clothesline, she’s taken boots, bird baths,decorative animal skulls, bird feeders, she took the staple gun that we’d just bought into the woods and left it. When people can’t find things that they left outside, the come to our house.

One time, she dug up our neighbor’s  plants and drug them under a tree…..I guess she didn’t approve, or thought they were shade loving plants. She didn’t even tear them up, she just moved them.

My favorite Billie  theft occurred one day when I went outside and she was across the street. I called her to come home, and as she came running, I noticed that there was something in her mouth. She made it across the street,but stopped just short of approaching me, giving me a look that said,  “it’s mine and you can’t have it.”

Curious as to what my little burglar had taken this time, I sat down and gently coaxed her into closing the distance, knowing that if I’d approached her she’d have tried to run.

In her mouth was the green and black and red packaging of a single frozen burrito. She robbed our neighbor’s groceries! I didn’t know what to do!  I was certain that they wouldn’t want it back, but I knew that she shouldn’t get to enjoy her ill-gotten gains either. So I threw it away and put her in the house.

Apparently my Chinese mountain dog has a thing for Mexican! Owning a klepto Pyrenees is just another reason why I’m Not Your Average!