The definition of chaos:

Exiting your home with the intentions of going to work, only to find 2 pigs, a dog, and a goat running around your yard.

I mean chaos on multiple levels! The animals were running in every direction imaginable (chaos level 1), my brain was all, “how did they get out, how are you gonna catch them, you’re gonna be late for work, holy crap, ugh!, at least they’re still in the yard!” (chaos level 2) And then there is the phone call with my husband….the pigs are out, but I can’t find a hole in the fence or anything, I don’t know how they got out so I’m not sure if I should put them back in…..oh wait, the gate is open,that’s weird….someone must have opened it (totally not me, I didn’t do it and you can’t prove it).

Apparently, someone, who shall remain nameless (okay fine, it was me!), didn’t close the pen properly after feeding the herd (a mixed herd, but still a herd),and thus,  chaos.

Fortunately for me, pigs are…well, pigs…they’re always hungry, so I got out more food and they happily followed me back into the enclosure, as did the goat.

Unfortunately, the dog, my Pyrenees Billie, is a bit smarter than the other 3,so I was forced to let her roam free and prayed that she didn’t steal anything while I was away (she’s a klepto,but that’s a tale for another time).

I’d love to say that was the end of the chaos….but it wasn’t. When I arrived back at my home,the chickens were out…gate was open (I seriously didn’t do it….promise it wasn’t me).

So, I’m thinking my dog can manipulate knots and clips and is freeing all of the critters…..that’s the only logical explanation.

Just another day in the life of Not Your Average.