I need to take a moment to acknowledge a VERY serious issue……the issue is called Cherry Picking!

Cherry and I work together (or more accurately get paid to play together),and often times engage in friendly debates or banter if you will.

Often, this 5’10 beauty that has legs for days and flowing brown,slightly longer than shoulder length hair, likes to pick on me….little old 5’4 thick stubby legged me! Some would call it fun,others that are more  easily offended may call it harassment  (maybe I should file a report….), but me, I call it Fit Shaming  (like fat shaming but backwards).

If I scratch my head in her presence, it’s so that I can flex. If I take off my jacket, it’s not because I’m hot, but because I want to show off my arms. If I open a pickle jar in her office (a place in which there is no reason for pickle jars),I’m showing off.

I keep telling her that I only look toned because of my “deep tan”,but she dismisses the notion and says I look buff because I am buff.

I just (holding back contrived tears and a little laugh) don’t need this kind of reverse complimentation in my life.

Fit Shaming a.k.a Cherry Picking (let’s make this catch on), get it…. Because Cherry is picking on me…..any way,  it’s a real thing….and it hurts (okay, let’s get real, I love it. It makes me smile. I work hard to make this body look good……just don’t call me skinny, that’s an insult!)

All of this crazy mess….just another reason why I’m Not Your Average!