I just killed a flying beetle with a tire iron….just another reason why I’m Not….oh,wait. ..I guess you want the whole back story…..

It isn’t really much of a story. I was riding in the truck with my man, minding my business,scrolling through Facebook (so kinda minding other people’s business) when this beetle comes flying through the window and lands at my feet.

You have to realize that we were doing at least 50mph, so the beetle shot in like a rocket,and considering that the window was not even half-open, I assumed that he was looking for the “window splat” death that befalls so many of his kind and was probably disappointed by his safe landing.

So having mercy on this poor suicidal beetle,  I grabbed the tire iron that was laying in the floorboard and stabbed it with the pointed end eliciting a definitive crunch.  You’re welcome little beatle.

Bug angel of mercy…..just another reason why I’m Not Your Average.