I’m here to inform you that not all parking lot transactions are bad, even ones that take place in the middle of the night…there could be a reasonable, logical, non-criminal explanation for why people are exchanging cash for goods on the shadowy side of a building, out of the back of a car at 9pm…… I don’t know what you’re picturing, but it’s not that, I promise.

You see, my chickens like to eat, so they give me their eggs to sell (and might I say, business is booming), and they buy feed with their profits (well, I buy it). And it just so happens, that a large percentage of my transactions take place in parking lots,between vehicles….and sometimes at night.

It’s really quiet humorous at this point,people stop me and ask me if I have any eggs on me.  It even happened at a gas station once, no joke! I was pumping gas and this guy that frequents the place that I work is two pumps over.  He comes up to me and says, ” I hear you sell eggs and that they’re pretty good. I’d love to get some from you. ” Unfortunately, I didn’t have any on me at the time;that would’ve made the story even better.

So you see, just because it looks shady, doesn’t mean it is…..selling fresh eggs is not illegal…..I’m just your friendly neighborhood egg dealer. Just another reason why I’m Not Your Average.