I work at what most would consider a fitness facility (while the organization prefers to be defined by its more humanitarian endeavors, most would categorized it as a gym), and being as such, I find it necessary that I workout regularly.

On one particular day,  I worked and then exercised and then finally headed home.

I arrived home to discover that my husband had yet to arrive, so I went about my routine caring for my animals first, before tending to myself.

So I’m in the house fiddling and I hear him pull up.  I’m sure most wives would have gone to greet him or perhaps quickly jumped in the shower, but if you haven’t learned by now, I’m not most wives.

I decided that it would be fun to hide from him to see what he would do;I mean my car was there, so I had to be somewhere, right?

So I bolt into the bathroom and hide behind the open door,just as he enters the house.  I hear him move through the entire house and then back to the door.  From there, he comes back through, this time obviously wondering where I am, because I hear my phone ringing from the other room.

Once again he leaves the area in which I’m hiding, only to return talking to someone….I hear, “where is she, find momma!” He’d brought our dog Hank in to help with the hunt! While Hank is good at a lot of things, he is no hide and seek champion.

Giving up on the K9 unit,  I hear my puzzled husband opening and closing doors  (3 bedrooms, 4 closets, large cabinets),only to find nothing.

Finally, he stands in the middle of the living room and announces,  ” I know you’re here because I can smell you! ”

Wow…..is it that bad!? Sometimes I can smell myself, but my friends always swear that they smell nothing. I’d have almost been insulted were I not so consumed by laughter that I’d blown my cover. Guess it’s time to find some new deodorant!

A stinker in the bathroom that unfortunately wasn’t the toilet…..just another reason why I’m Not Your Average.