Why did the chicken cross the road??

Well, we have a rooster that has been dubbed Frank. Frank, prior to the “incident” hung out with Hank and Billie roaming the yard at his leisure. As Frank grew more comfortable with his surroundings and grew in confidence, he began to wander farther from the house.

As far as I was concerned, his wandering wasn’t a problem because of his learned dog-like qualities ( when I wanted him home, I could walk into his line of sight and he’d follow me back to the house)….until the “incident”.

The family adjacent to us also raised fowl, hens. His hens would occasionally be allowed to roam his yard.Frank found this to be enticing and became known to visit. This occurred for some time, until one day the neighbor who owned the birds came to visit us; he seemed to be missing a chicken. Its not what you think… Frank didn’t kill his hen. The missing bird’s carcass was later found in the front yard of the neighbor beside us (directly across the street from its home). But what happened  to it??

Preliminary reports conclude that the chicken in question crossed the road with the intentions of having some alone time with Frank, and was executed by the gate keeper (Billie, our yard patrol).

The lesson to be learned here: nothing good ever comes from being a hen whore.

Pimping roosters….just another reason why I’m Not Your Average.