Everyone has had that dream, the one in which they are drowning and can’t get their head above water. Some find themselves trapped in a lake just inches from the surface with their foot ensnared by a branch or other debris. Others are lost in the vast ocean, shipwrecked miles from civilization. Still others fall in a swimming pool and just cant get out.

Me, I’ve dreamed of drowning. I was drowning and couldn’t get free. I was drowning in the bathroom sink!!

It wasn’t one of those Honey I Shrunk the Kids scenarios, I was of a normal size (however short that may be). I had both hands on either side of that porcelain prison, toes hovering just millimeters from the ground, and for whatever reason, I COULD NOT get my face out of that sink!!!

What did I gather from that dream you may wonder…..never wash your face in the sink. I like to buy facial cleansing cloths. Just another reason why I’m Not Your Average.