I sent my friend a text asking if I could borrow her cat carrier.  As would any good friend, she said yes and left it on her porch for me, no questions asked. By now she should know me enough to know that she should have asked questions, but oh well.

Borrowed cat carrier in tow, I go to Sam’s house. I have no idea who Sam is, but she has a rooster for sale on Facebook that I think my husband would like, so I’m gonna get it and surprise him…unless Sam murders me.

I climb this giant rutted gravel driveway in my little hatchback, and seeing who I assume is Sam, I decide that I’m not in danger and exit with the carrier.

After a little small talk, we make our exchange: $10 for this beautiful bird tucked neatly in my buddy’s cat carrier.

A few more errands to run, I place Stan, our new rooster, in the passenger seat. Windows up, heat on low, I’m cruising along when good ol’ Stan let’s out an eardrum bursting crow. OH.MY.GOODNESS!!  I was certain that my ears were bleeding and I’d gone deaf until I heard him do it again.

I hurriedly let down the windows as if to allow the sound to escape, as though it were trapped,bouncing around the car and needed an exit, although the damage had been done and nothing could un-ring that bell…..or un-crow that crow.

Roosters in borrowed cat carriers, just another thing you’d only expect from Not Your Average.