There have been confirmed black bear sightings in Middle Tennessee. Robertson County is located in the northern section of Middle Tennessee. So when I went hunting one morning before dusk, and I saw a large,round, black figure stand up 20 yards in front of me, it was only natural that I thought it was a black bear.

Of course they always say that if you see a bear don’t run, so I turned and SPRINTED away…..I sprinted right into a briar patch where I became suspended and unable to move forward.  So I frantically fought my way backwards out of the briars and ran out of the woods and across the field, a pistol in one hand and a bow in the other.

I got to the fence n but couldn’t find the gate. I found the gate, but couldn’t get it open.  I throw my weapons over the gate and hurl myself behind it. I then gather my firearms, jump in the truck and frantically call my husband while backing out and speeding around the corner to the house.

Bloodied from my briar encounter and breathless from the run I frantically explain to my husband that there is a bear in the woods. He laughs!! HE ACTUALLY LAUGHS!! Then he says, “Are you sure it wasn’t a cow? ”

There have been confirmed black bear sightings in Middle Tennessee,which is why it is possible that I encountered a bear. But if the woods in which you are hunting are flanked on 3 sides by cow pastures,it is more likely that your/my encounter was with a cow.

Just another day in the life of Not Your Average.